Inst. of Ecological Tech.

To advance our Water Terracing™ project (see our post: “Water Terracing™), PluribusOne™ has joined the Institute of Ecological Technology (IET). 

The Institute of Ecological Technology was formed in Sweden in 1979 by Olof Alexandersson, author of the book: Living Water—Viktor Schauberger and the Secrets of Natural Energy. Intended as a platform for alternative science research and projects, the Institute’s roots trace to Schauberger’s perspective and technological achievements. 

The IET’s focus is on nonconventional ideas and solutions within the field of ecological technology—facilitating practical applications and fostering awareness of our interconnectedness with Nature. 

Another good introduction to Viktor Schauberger’s life and work is: Viktor Schauberger—a Life of Learning from Nature, by Jane Cobbald.


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