Q&A on NoetiTaoism™

Many “metaphysical” writings have been produced in various cultures over the ages. Rooted in the Language of Nature, NoetiTaoism™ is filled with fresh insights. NoetiTaoism™ is not an outgrowth of any prior religion or philosophy although it resonates with aspects of all religions and certain philosophies. 

NoetiTaoism™ carries no religious baggage and bears no political agenda. There is no intention to support or overturn any particular spiritual tradition. 

The following are NoetiTaoist™ responses to a few dozen common questions asked by open-minded people seeking tradition-neutral input of a metaphysical nature toward discovering for themselves the fundamental truths of Omniverse.

 Further questions are invited. Please use the comment box below. 

Is there such a thing as good people and bad people?

As Jesus of Nazareth, who called himself Son of Man, said: Only God is good. In NoetiTaoism™ this means that Source Energy Awareness (SEA) is good, perfect, because it is not a part of the polarity of Omniverse. SEA is the un-manifested God-of-God cause of all that is manifest.

 Are all people somehow equal?

Yes. All “souls” are of the One—all carry forth within themselves the first dimension of Consciousness that Jesus called “the Father.” From the perspective of SEA, no-thing is greater or lesser than anything else. 

Is humankind in a “fallen” state?

Only those who believe they are fallen are, in effect, “fallen,” and they suffer in accordance with their own expectation. Human existence was not an accident; it was SEA’s intention to create mortal humans and as Shakespeare said: “All the world is a stage…” 

Is there such a thing as Original Sin?

No. The coming into flesh-and-blood being was not an error and pain is not punishment. 

Is religion necessary for enlightened human existence?

No, in that the Latin root religio means “to connect back to” and since there was no fall, there is no need to “connect back.” What is needed is mass recognition of the ever-present direct connection of each human being to the highest level of Consciousness called “deity.” The kingdom of heaven is within, and the king is in the kingdom. 

What is the composition of a soul?

Every mortal soul is composed of the five alchemical elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Aether. 

Is the soul mortal or immortal?

Both. The mortal soul enjoys and is subject to more dimensions than the immortal soul that it represents and expresses. 

What is God, and where is God?

God-the-Creator is SEA—pure non-dimensional awareness. Any “God” that can be named is a creation of SEA and is dimensional although invisible to human beings. God is everywhere in Omniverse—both within and without, from the human perspective. 

What is our origin?

The mind of God is origin of the All of Omniverse. 

Do we, or anything else, evolve?

Yes. From the perspective of Time-borne beings, we evolve, devolve, and otherwise change, although popular theories of evolution are incorrect. 

Are we under pressure to evolve?

Are planets under pressure to spin? Omniverse is infinite and all things “are.” The idea of pressure is logical, reasonable, but illusory. 

Can we affect the process of change?

Each human is continuously affecting its experience of change. 

Are humans victims of some higher life-form?

No. No one is a victim of anything but their own imaginings. 

What is our destiny?

Whatever one chooses is one’s destiny. Some choices are made before incarnating. 

Do we have free will?

The soul has free will, but some of its decisions are made prior to embodiment and ordinarily held apart from conscious recollection. 

Is there a world beyond this one?

The worlds beyond this are nearly infinite in number and ever-changing. Beyond those is the eternal “state” of pure awareness. 

Are humans imprisoned on this planet?

No. All are here by choice and free to come and go at will. Soul-traveling can be experienced in or out of the fully physical body. 

Are souls imprisoned in human bodies?

No. The body is a vehicle but not a container. 

Can we survive on other planets in this solar system?

Yes, in one form or another, as malleable multidimensional souls. As human beings there are several potential habitations, most of them underground. 

Is there an over-population problem?

No. There is a planning-for-population-growth problem. The human species is intended to colonize space. Millions are ready to volunteer when leadership rises to the task. Little intelligence has been needed to predict mushrooming population growth and yet the issue remains unresolved and largely unaddressed. 

Are natural resources in short supply?

No. Resources are unlimited. Many technologies have enabled humans to tap known resources in new ways and undiscovered and recently discovered resources are available.

Is the government keeping secrets from citizens?

Yes. Under the present circumstances, keeping some secrets is necessary. Every individual keeps secrets. Why would the collective and its representatives not keep secrets? 

Are secret societies controlling the planet?

Yes, but only to the degree that the masses of people permit that by failing to cooperate and take responsibility. Secret societies keep secrets out of fear. Choose not to fear the fearful or indulge in blaming. 

Is there a way to end the high-level secrecy?

Nothing can be kept a secret from those who have a strong enough desire to know. The answers to all things are available from within the Self. 

What is the biggest impediment to peace and progress?

The biggest impediment on Earth is the belief that one can have something only to the extent that it is taken or withheld from another. In other words: ignorance. This error/sin—the effect of not knowing the true nature of Self—is the source of fear that precipitates greed and other evils. 

Why is there a “perception problem” to begin with?

Because we come into the world with selective amnesia at the level of ordinary waking consciousness, and because the physical human organism is intentionally limited in order to foster the human experience. With effort, the amnesia can be dampened and limits of the organism can be bypassed. 

Do some people have paranormal powers, psychic abilities?

All people have such powers/abilities. We suppress them for the sake of the human experience. Too often, the increase of knowledge yields an increase of sorrow. Ignorance is not bliss, but neither is omniscience. 

Does the answer to religious conflict lie in a merger of all religions?

No. The answer lies in ceasing to judge others. As we judge, so are we judged, and, as Gandhi said: An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind. Judging others is the most destructive addiction on Earth. 

Do souls transmigrate?

Although no evidence of it is seen in a caterpillar, it contains within itself the butterfly that also transforms in its time. There is no end and there was no beginning except within the processing of a given universe within the turbulent multi-verse of Omniverse that mirrors the Eternal. 

Will we make machines that exceed human abilities?

All machines are cybernetic—extensions of our selves. The power of such machines is the focusing, the concentration, of purpose. But none are or can be independent of our ability to control them. An x-ray machine has focus. A carburetor has focus. An idiot savant has focus. An Olympic champion has focus. 

Can change occur in the Eternal?

No. It is not possible or necessary or useful. Change is a function of Time. “Possible” is a meaningless word with respect to the Eternal. 

Can solid objects be made invisible?

There are a number of ways that a solid object can be made to completely escape detection by human perception. One is hypnosis. Another is distraction. A third is by relative speed. There are others, some involving high technology. 

Can one solid object pass through another without causing damage?

Yes. Even ancient shamans of the most primitive societies mastered this ability. 

Is there such a thing as “mind control?”

All control is mind control. 

Are crop circles hoaxes?

Some are, and some are the creations of intelligent nonhumans. 

Is desire inherently evil?

No. The wholeness of Omniverse is the result of desire—desire for God-of-God’s total liberation.


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