Flyer for Lawyers

Re: Introducing PluribusOne™ 

Hi, I’m Alan Eastwood. My company is PluribusOne™ Consulting, a New York corporation with a proprietary system for solving problems, generating fresh ideas, and identifying new opportunities. I refer to my company as the service “Merlin would have used”™ to highlight the fact that even wizards like you can use assistance once in a while. 

When I ask lawyers about their biggest challenges, I keep hearing variations of: “dealing with uncertainty” and “coping with unexpectedness” at the top of the list. In speaking to users of legal services, the frequent complaint is the high cost of services provided in a manner they perceived to be routine and uncreative, or worse. The quality of legal services appears to be an emerging concern in our society. Opportunities for increasing law firm revenues await those willing to take the initiative to improve both services and client perceptions of services. 

From the first day I started my first business, more than 50 years ago, I knew how rewarding it can be to help other people achieve their goals. I dreamed of discovering or inventing something that would allow me to create a one-of-a-kind business that could meet needs anyone might have. I also learned that the best way to overcome competition is to not have any, which means creating a systematic approach that’s as effective as it is innovative and employs skills and abilities that others can’t match. 

In 1991, after twenty years of service as a community banker, I began pursuing my childhood dream: to do scientific research and discover that “something” which could change the world. Two years later I made that discovery, and over the next twelve years, I developed it into a technology that enhances both analytic and creative thinking. 

Using the Greek word “nous” which means “mind,” I coined the word Noetitek™ to label this technology because Noetitek™ enhances human perceptual abilities. In fact, it comprises the cornerstone of a New Science I call: Enhanced Human Perception™ (EHP). The Noetitek™ system represents the intersection of Quantum Psychology and the essential structure and process of Nature. The result is a whole new toolbox with an unlimited range of applications. 

Noetitek™ can help you achieve even those most challenging goals. Being successful means different things to different people; PluribusOne™ is prepared to serve them all. 



D. Alan Eastwood, EHP Consultant

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