Flyer to Intro PluribusOne™

Re: Introducing PluribusOne™

Hi, I’m Alan Eastwood. My company is PluribusOne™ Consulting, a New York corporation with a proprietary system for solving problems, generating fresh ideas, and identifying new opportunities. It works for both individuals and organizations seeking higher levels of professional success and personal satisfaction. I refer to my company as the service “Merlin would have used”™ to highlight the fact that even wizards like you can use assistance once in a while. 

From the first day I started my first business, more than 50 years ago, I knew how rewarding it can be to help other people achieve their goals. I dreamed of discovering or inventing something that would allow me to create a one-of-a-kind business that could meet needs anyone might have. I also learned that the best way to overcome competition is to not have any, which means creating a systematic approach that’s as effective as it is innovative and employs skills and abilities that others can’t match. 

In 1991, after twenty years working as a community banker in the Mid-Hudson area, I began pursuing my childhood dream: to do scientific research and discover that “something” which could change the world. Two years later I made that discovery. Over the next twelve years, I developed it into a technology that improves both analytic and creative thinking in a wide range of settings. 

Using the Greek word “nous” which means “mind,” I coined the word Noetitek™ to label this technology because Noetitek enhances human perceptual abilities. In fact, it comprises the cornerstone of a New Science I call: Enhanced Human Perception™ (EHP). The Noetitek™ system represents the intersection of Quantum Psychology and the essential structure and process of Nature. The result is a whole new toolbox with an unlimited range of applications. 

Noetitek™ can help you achieve even those most challenging goals. Being successful means different things to different people; PluribusOne™ is prepared to serve them all. 



D. Alan Eastwood, EHP Consultant


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