Flyer for Question Matrix™

Noetitek™ Question MatriX™ 

“It’s the question that drives us,” the character Trinity whispered urgently to the unenlightened Neo in the movie: The Matrix. Do you know your core question? Without knowing that question, how can you be certain of your direction, your course of action, your goals―perhaps even your deeper identity? 

Is your world problem-free, devoid of use for new ideas and exciting choices? 

The Noetitek™ system helps the “Merlin” within you solve big problems, generate fresh ideas, and identify viable opportunities.

During the many years invested in research and development that resulted in the Noetitek™ system, several related discoveries emerged. One of them was the discovery that all interrogations of Reality―all searches for solutions―are grounded in a matrix of fewer than sixty existential questions: core questions crucial to shaping individual destiny. 

When you know your driving question, the question that’s dominating your inner attention at this stage in the evolution of your “enterprise”―your unique personal, business, or other mission―the next step will be to assess your enterprise and then make a plan to act on the results of that assessment. 

Using methodology derived from principles of transpersonal (quantum) psychology, PluribusOne™  will find out your core question free of charge. Your only obligation is to give us a few minutes of your time, in person or online, so we can explore together the value of doing an Enterprise Direction Assessment™. If desired, we also have a mapping tool to assist in the strategic planning process called: Nine-Step Plus™ and many other new mind-opening tools. 

We’ll be back in touch. Meanwhile, consider the possibilities and take a few minutes to visit our websites: and Contact: to ask questions about the Assessment or to arrange an appointment. 

 Important: PluribusOne™ is a one-of-a-kind general consulting company engaged in providing perception-enhancement services, with unlimited applications. We do not perform legal, medical, financial, psychotherapeutic, marriage, or other types of specially licensed counseling. 

Confidentiality: PluribusOne™ maintains strict confidentiality regarding all information received from you that a reasonable person would consider personal, private, or proprietary. If requested, we will provide a formal Nondisclosure Agreement.


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