Three-Page Intro Letter

PluribusOne™ Consulting, LLC

“The One Merlin Would Have Used.”™

 Introducing Noetitek™ 

Noetitekis a word that combines the concepts of mind and technology, a fitting name for a proprietary system based on the hidden language of Nature. 

The system is the artful application of a scientific breakthrough that facilitates expansion of perceptual abilities. A kind of meta-Rosetta Stone, it synthesizes ancient and modern symbol systems to create a set of powerful tools that facilitate perceiving beyond the ordinary range. This makes Noetitek the perfect approach to identifying opportunities as well as solving problems in any business environment. 

New “eyesight” generates new insights, which engender creativity and organizational success. Whatever the challenge, Noetiteksm opens doors to the solution. 

Founder’s Background 

During a 20-year career in banking, I enjoyed pioneering new and successful functions such as consumer lending, regulatory compliance, and data security, while also working with a team who turned a 300MM savings bank into one of the largest in the world. I used a consultative style, read numerous books on consulting to guide me, and found it rewarding. But eventually I began to feel the way I imagine Michelangelo must have felt when he finished his Sistine Chapel project. By 1991, I decided it was time to pursue a larger dream, something on grander scale, something more innovative and lasting, something that might also take on a life of its own and improve the lives of others. 

From childhood I had been a visionary and idealistic person with a deep interest in literature, art, and science, as well as business. My greatest dream was to discover something revolutionary, something that would make life better for everyone. Role models had been people like Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington Carver and others whose biographies I had read at lunch time in the library room at elementary school. In later years I was inspired by enlightened government officials and corporate leaders in my community, people who sought my advice and whose purposes I served with pride throughout my years as a bank officer. 

Concurrent with my banking career, I established myself as an abstract painter. Listed in Artists/USA, I found representation at galleries in New York City, West Palm Beach, New Orleans, and Dallas, as well as local bank lobbies and elsewhere. The ability to create without any limitations except the color spectrum and the edges of canvases was freeing but also challenged me to develop the inner and outer disciplines that produce images that “connect” with others. I similarly enjoyed writing abstractly and published Gravity Park, a hardcover book of poetry. But in these fields, as in banking, I began to sense that it was time to shift gears.

Science was the aspect of my childhood dreaming that had remained most inadequately explored. Over the years, I had read the latest books and magazines, even attended conferences where I met leading-edge scientists. But I had contributed nothing more to science than a few months of volunteer field research. So, it was with some surprise that I found myself invited to submit a paper on my “public science” efforts to an organization founded by a former astronaut. After having the paper accepted and then presenting it at an annual forum, I knew that this was the arena in which to focus my energy. Just as my intuition had supplied new ideas that I had used at the bank, and design ideas that begged expression via paintbrushes, as well as inspirations that took form as poetry, in 1992 I intuitively sensed that my dream of making a scientific breakthrough was imminent. 

The initial breakthrough and genesis of Noetitek™ was the result of “hitting the wall” with respect to my personal evolution. Without planning it, I had become what an associate called a Renaissance Man. But in my view, that only meant I had become an unenviable soul in search of a new sustainable paradigm or reason for being. No longer satisfied with my past work products, including my artistic expressions whether rendered in print or in paint, I had reached a plateau on all levels and it was a painful experience. 

It was in seeking a new outlet for my paintings that I got the answer to what was missing from my personal equation. A renowned New York City gallery owner who appreciated the quality of my work saw the problem immediately. He said I had talent and that my paintings were attractive—decorative—but then told me that this was the last kind of work he was looking for! I was shocked and asked why this was so. His response put me on a quest: “What the world needs, and I am looking for, is a new way of seeing.” 

Taking up the challenge, the natural-born researcher in me began reading bookcases of books on psychology, anthropology, philosophy, biology, neuroscience, neurolinguistic programming, hypnotism, quantum physics, shamanism, alchemy, theosophy, ancient history, etc, etc, and etc. This input generated output in the form of three scientific papers and three books: a science fiction novel, a politically incorrect play, and a New Science book. I had unexpectedly discovered what amounts to a hidden language of Nature and I demonstrated that its use generates new insights, even into the deepest enigmas. 

I thought that this long strange process in search of a new way of seeing had found its endpoint in those writings, that a new career as an author was the pragmatic result for me. After a few experiences of near-acceptance by large publishing houses, the determined pioneer in me formed an e-book publishing company in 1997 through which I published them myself. I proceeded to publish the works of other authors too, all in the form of books-on-disk (before the invention of downloadable e-books and e-book readers). 

Along the way I continued to both expand and refine what some were calling “the meta-Rosetta Stone” I had assembled, the keys to connecting rudiments of mainstream science with symbol systems comprising “ways of knowing” utilized by numerous cultures over millennia. Such systems had not previously been understood to directly correspond with a basic set of natural information. The significance of being able to align and cross-read these symbol systems is that every phenomenon in the universe is essentially coded information and by using my meta-Rosetta Stone, in the form of a system I invented named Noetitek™, it can be examined in a way that yields new views, new insights. 

The significance to the business world is that Noetitek can uncover new opportunities and new solutions to problems that were previously clouded or “invisible.” 

Operating Philosophy 

My company’s operating philosophy is less complicated than the system it employs: 

1. The mission is to provide Noetitek™-based consulting services to enlightened business people. In other words, my desire is to serve business owners and executives who recognize that the needs of their companies, their personal needs, and the needs of their customers and other constituencies are all in parallel: that when one prospers they all prosper (and vice versa). 

2. Other shared-values sought among my prospective clients include: the recognition that quantities flow from qualities, that there is a hidden order in apparent chaos, that character is paramount, that all “things” begin with thoughts, and that the “good guys” are always the winners. 

3. Although the Noetitek™ approach is process oriented, the focus is on expertly facilitating results. In the beginning of an engagement the results to be obtained are determined along with the means to measure them and the value of assistance in helping achieve them. The fee is value-based, not based on the time the consultant spends applying the process, schmoozing, or eating lunch. 

Please visit the website at for more information. If you would like to schedule an appointment now, or have any questions, please contact me at:

Thank you for your time. 

D. Alan Eastwood, Principal Consultant

PluribusOne™ Consulting, LLC

7 Carriage House Court

Hyde Park, NY



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