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Analysis: “The 11th Hour”

April 14, 2014

The 11th Hour, a film co-written, produced, and narrated by actor Leonardo DiCaprio, is a call to “social action” toward saving the planet from the ravages of civilization. The title of this 2007 film intending to demonstrate the need for viewers to “take the next step,” means: the last possible chance to avert a disaster. Cover art displays a huge boot-print overlaid on North America, emphasizing who is deemed chiefly responsible for the mess and must take the lead in curative action without further delay.

Although no one can deny the images DiCaprio shares: floods, fires, hurricanes, collapsing ice cliffs, mountains of garbage, chemical pollution, and more, PluribusOne™ disagrees with the “anthropogenic global warming” hypothesis. We live in a turbulent universe; Earth is not exempted from the dramatic natural flow of contrasting energies of which humanity is part, nor should we want to be. If we could travel back to a time before the onset of the two-edged sword of mushrooming technological development we would understand why a vast segment of humanity favored pursuing desires for better living.

PluribusOne™’s conclusion that Global Warming is a politically engineered fabrication is supported partly by information we developed and presented in earlier posts: “Save the Whales (from Themselves)” (May, 2012), “Matheological Mystery Tour” (May, 2010), and “Inverse Psychology™” (November, 2009). It is further supported by the work of veteran climatologists such as Dr. Tim Ball, author of The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science (2014). Earth is actually in a cooling cycle that began almost twenty years ago, a cycle well evidenced by nonscientists as well as scientists. Climate and environmental changes are perpetual.

We agree with DiCaprio that better technologies need to propel future progress, but terminating petroleum use needs careful management. Introducing “free” clean energy, among other exciting new technologies awaiting acceptance for mass distribution, seems to us to require a very different economic system, something beyond both Socialism and Capitalism. Perhaps the shift will not be achieved without greater chaos, without some planet-wide catastrophe; yet it need not involve that. As always, answers lie in the human ability to imagine what the better world looks like and hold to that vision. Imagineering is action too.

Rather than continue investing in examining negative conditions and exploring grim scenarios while focusing on Earth as our only home and hope, PluribusOne™’s posture is that humanity needs to see Omniverse as its home and recognize Earth as a grain of sand on a beach. Instead of envisioning Earth becoming as inhospitable to human life as Venus, consider how to transform Venus into another blue planet—and Mars, and beyond. Earliest humans looked up at the stars and desired to travel into deep space due to, perhaps, a gene-based understanding that migration into space is part of the plan for our species, or for some future variation.

In February, 2009 PluribusOne™ announced a new concept and pathway for technological development based on our Noetitek™ system:  Noetitek™ Intelligence Augmentation™ (NIA). NIA encompasses development of new technologies, including a small IA device to help ensure the survival of future space pioneers. Our device will use the principles embedded in the Noetitek™ system to expand the range of human perception and enable space explorers to make rapid and thorough assessments of apparent anomalies and other new/“alien” stimuli. A non-electronic version has been developed to serve as an advance educational tool.

Related to flooding, a major problem world-wide, PluribusOne™ designed a set of solutions, one of which is useful for stopping flooding and loss of land due to overflowing lakes while also putting the floodwaters to constructive use. Details were presented in our September, 2010 post: “Solution at Devils Lake.” A photograph of a diorama displaying our Water Terracing™ solution, which works with the environment rather than trying to defeat climatic forces, is located in Image File #27, accessible from the homepage. Every apparent problem conceals an opportunity.

With respect to preserving and restoring Earth’s ecosystems, the real answer lies in developing a means to demolecularize toxic waste—whether solid, liquid, or gas—without creating a worse byproduct. Is this possible? Everything is possible. In fact at least one major corporation we know of has been working on this for more than fifty years and with an unadvertised degree of success. Gene Roddenberry was not the first to imagine it. What he did not apparently consider is how well his transporter room would serve as a one-way garbage disposal unit.