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PluribusOne™’s “Experiencer Paradox”

December 24, 2016

In our March, 2012 post: “Scientific Studies of UFOs,” we stated that many studies of UFOs have been made since the 1940s, in response to a rising tide of UFO-related reports, and we introduced one of the most important: UFOs—What to Do? Known as “The Rand Report,” it was secretly prepared by RAND® Corporation, whose leading clients include the United States Air Force and the Central Intelligence Agency. Completed in 1968, the very existence of this report was unknown to the public until 1993. Making the report available to the public can and should be understood as one of several events and forms of substantial indirect “disclosure” made by government, another unveiling which UFO Disclosure activists seem to fail to recognize. Does anyone really think the President of the United States is going to appear on national television and brazenly broadcast the potentially culture-shattering truth that Earth is host to bipedal, human-like, and humanoid extraterrestrial civilizations that are more biologically evolved, more intellectually advanced, and more militarily-empowered than the most powerful forces on this planet? The idea that the masses of people are ready to hear that is marginal madness.

Second-most to the devastating effect a Presidential alien disclosure would have, would be that of a similarly unequivocal announcement by a world-acclaimed scientist. In fact, it would be even more calamitous than if made by the Pope. Such an announcement by a Carl Sagan or Stephen Hawking might be even more negatively impactful than one made by a nonscientist political leader. So, it is not surprising that a paper written by Dr. Carl Sagan in 1962, a paper funded by NASA, a paper that effectively supported a conclusion that the waves of UFOs sighted around the world were interplanetary vehicles, would be suppressed in the name of national security. It is only now, more than fifty years later, that the existence of his paper is being publicized. Its title is: “Direct Contact Among Galactic Civilizations by Relativistic Interstellar Spaceflight.” Considering growing acceptance of the rational theory that alien visitation has always centered on human-alien hybridizing, it is interesting to note that: at the time Sagan wrote this paper he was a member of the Department of Genetics at the Stanford University Medical Centre in Palo Alto, California. Sagan’s style was multidisciplinary.

Did NASA take Sagan’s paper seriously? Had it not, Sagan would not have become the world’s most renowned spokesperson for science. Despite rumor and gossip, NASA is not biased against the idea of ancient aliens; to the contrary, NASA knows that alien visitation is a reality, and it undoubtedly followed Sagan’s subtly stated advice to look for an alien base on the dark side of the moon during the then imminent exploration of Earth’s companion. His paper was—not by chance—published just three months after JFK’s famous “we-choose-to-go-to-the-moon” speech. However, ten years before Sagan published this paper, a governmental decision had been made to suppress all that was known, and whatever would be learned, about the alien presence, including visitation in historic and prehistoric times. The truth would always be knowable by outsiders willing to invest the resources to discover it for themselves; otherwise, it is available on a strictly need-to-know basis, to preserve national and international stability.

Dr. Sagan was not the first or only person to have embraced the idea that ETs visited Earth millennia ago, although some, most notably Erich von Däniken, have been overzealous nonscientists who muddied the waters with poor evidence. Using a different basis, I arrived at the “ancient alien” conclusion independently and unexpectedly, and Dr. Brian O’Leary’s organization, the International Association for New Science (IANS), provided encouragement to publish and present a paper at the IANS annual conference in 1992, a venue I shared with doctors Stanton Friedman and Steven Greer. Although consigned to an ancillary salon of conference attendees receptive to my paper, including Dr. Karla Turner, the tension between my “ancient aliens” (a term I coined) thesis and the beliefs of the keynote speakers was—at least for me—surprisingly divisive. And although the pronouncements of authors such as Friedman and Greer were welcomed—no doubt solicited—by leading publishers, the book that described my New Science approach to study, and that revealed never-before published facts and fresh insights, was actively suppressed by powers-that-be having the ability to “burn” books before they are printed—minions of the New Inquisition quietly thwarting civil liberties even in the USA. I am not a conspiracy theorist with respect to this matter; the conspiracy to contain the truth about alien visitation is an open secret and some aspects are uniquely tabooed.

The scarcely trodden trail of alien visitation investigation unavoidably crosses the paved, guard-railed, highly-trafficked freeway of religion, making pursuit of truth about intelligent mission-driven extraterrestrial lifeforms a perilous expedition especially for a scientist whose prominence and livelihood depends on copacetic relationships with church, state, and academia. Sagan’s science-based private thoughts reportedly included radical and blasphemous religious ideas (e.g., that Moses and Jesus were ETs), although such musings are not unreasonable or inappropriate for a free-thinking person. Yet conflict arises because mainstream science is founded on the politically-driven Cartesian separation of sacred and secular domains, though both arenas are based on beliefs—for science they are called theories and for religion they are called articles of faith. Both flavors of believing are rooted in direct and repetitive experiences, firsthand workings of competent scientists on the one hand and competent priests on the other—parties who would both benefit from enlightened partnership/alliance. Meanwhile, PluribusOne™’s new science of Enhanced Human Perception™ (EHP) is guided by use of our Noetitek™ System and by its numerous mind-tools which reflect a decompartmentalizing, reconciling, and melding of domains of knowledge and of different ways of knowing, including the way of the scientist and the way of the mystic or shaman.

Scientifically-derived statistics using such tools as the Statistical Equation for Habitables (SEH) and the Drake Equation—not to mention basic unbridled intelligent reasoning—indicate that our galaxy and the galaxies beyond must be teeming with intelligent life capable of developing interstellar space travel, and they also indicate that the oldest civilizations among them have been engaged in interstellar travel for millions and even billions of years. On tiny planet Earth, a relative youngster in the cosmos, with science in infancy, humans have nonetheless built and launched spacecraft presently in flight beyond our solar system. Given universe-wide capability for space travel on grand scale, it would be an incredible paradox for Earth to never have been visited by intelligent lifeforms or their robotic space probes. The 20th century physicist, Enrico Fermi was among the first to voice recognition of this certainty of visitation and set it against a perceived lack of unambiguous evidence. His observation of this seeming contradiction is known as the Fermi Paradox. However, Fermi’s paradox only pertains to (i.e., exists as a reality for) those who have not seen—or who are unable to see—the unmistakable signs of visitation, not only in prehistoric times, but also in ancient history, recent history, and today.

PluribusOne™ has invented a paradox to surpass Fermi’s Paradox. It is offered to everyone who cannot or will not see that evidence of visitation is well known to some scientists and governmental elites who have worked very hard to keep this information from the public-at-large for fear of catastrophic consequences for every aspect of Earth-centric enculturation. We are calling it: “The Experiencer Paradox.” The Experiencer Paradox asserts: some individuals—mostly nonscientists—have unambiguous firsthand knowledge of alien visitation while no world government or highly-credentialed scientist has any such knowledge. Is it possible that Travis Walton, for example, knows more about alien visitation than, say, the CIA or the Pentagon? Is it possible that I or millions of other citizens having had unambiguous firsthand experiences can possibly know more than the CIA or Pentagon? No. Not a chance, and this absurdity alone is more than adequate evidence that the public is actively kept in the dark—effectively mind-controlled with respect to the matter of ETI—and this has been true since at least the formation of the National Security Agency in the USA. This is not “conspiracy theory;” it is a plain truth that has been documented ad nauseam. Denial of ETI can only be explained by a lack of exposure to the available facts, self-deception, brainwashing, cognitive impairment, or psychosis.