The Alien Intelligence Quiz™

Can you match wits with alien intelligence? It is estimated that only 1% of all humans can figure out the answer to this quiz. Those few who succeed will experience a practical and potent insight. Those who don’t will gain a new appreciation of the value of using new mind tools because sometimes answers are elusive even when both the process and content of a matter are known and appear relatively uncomplicated. Compared to the meta-tools that comprise Noetitek™ this is elementary. 

To help improve the odds of solving the quiz, the insight is provided in advance in the form of four clues. The insight is this: A four-square approach to discovery involves… 

  • Using your whole brain: imagination, and intuition as well as reasoning;
  • Gathering and collating the most obvious facts systematically;
  • Listing all possible solutions to each remaining puzzle piece; and
  • Eliminating the possibilities for each piece, one at a time until only one remains.

Divulging the insight in advance exposes the basic elements of the puzzle solution process. The content is provided below in the form of “hints.” The insight is revealed up front so that those who choose to take the challenge but do not manage to solve it will still have the opportunity to use its essence in facing real challenges more effectively. But only those who actually experience the insight firsthand, by finding the answer, will truly know it. 

If you solve the puzzle, email your results and process notes to: Please do not collaborate or reveal the answer to anyone else. Let it remain our secret. With your permission, of course, we will post your name at our website.           

Now, here is the quiz: On the horizon you see a group of five UFOs. Each UFO has a different shape and a different color. In each UFO are members of a different alien race. Each alien race eats a different kind of food, drinks a different drink, and abducts a different type of earthly life-form. 

The question is: Who abducted Whitley? Only the aliens and a handful of humans know. We hope you will be counted among that very select group. Whitley, by the way, is a human.           


  • Gerstians pilot red triangular-shaped UFOs
  • Orfions abduct wolves
  • Dorkians drink blue tea
  • The green cigar-shaped UFO is on the left of the white UFO
  • The aliens of the green UFO drink brown mist
  • Aliens that eat strawberry ice cream abduct penguins
  • The aliens in the yellow diamond-shaped UFO eat lemon sherbet
  • The aliens in the UFO in the center of the pack drink pink milk
  • Cosmians pilot the first UFO
  • Aliens that eat orange tofu are hovering next to ones that abduct cats
  • Aliens that abduct horses are hovering next to the ones that eat sherbet
  • Pineapple-eating aliens drink green beer
  • Sirians eat only fresh vegetables
  • The Cosmians are hovering next to the round blue UFO
  • The tofu-eating aliens are hovering next to aliens that drink dark water
  • The white UFO is rectangular-shaped

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