Quick List of Posts

In chronological order, from earliest to most recent, the titles of posts in this blog are listed below. Click on the link, or use the blog’s search feature to go directly to any one of them.

Noetitek Direction Assessment™

Noetitek Next-Action™

Eastwood’s Taxonomy

Noetitek Method for Determining Truth™

Beethoven-Related Discovery

Synesthesia Breakthrough

Human Behavior Breakthrough

Noetitek™-Enhanced Action Planning

Critique of Popular Meta-Tools

The A-Point Process™

Discovery of “Critical Effect” Relationships

Invention: Quiktools™

Invention: The Hexadic Cube™

Matrix of Essential Questions™

Meta-Language Discovery

Nine Certainties™ and Strategic Scouting™

Nine-Dimensional Sphere™ Discovered

The Six Plagues to Progress™

Tetradic Study Guide™ Formulated

“Hierarchy of Needs” and “B-Values” Revised

Human Gland-Related Discoveries

The Nine Keys to Survival and Success™

“Mona Lisa” Mystery Solved

Psychotherapeutic Applications

Global Peace Application

The Alien Intelligence Quiz™

Client Interface Devised

Noetitek Intelligence Augmentation™

Noetitek Art™ – Abstract Meta-Naturalism

Invention: The Intersectional Pyramid™

The Creator’s Pattern for Human Development™

Noetitek Plus™ – Intersecting the Enneagram

Noetitek™ on Global Economic Development

Noetitek™ and the “Law of Attraction”

Noetitek™ Discovery: the Origin of Christianity

Noetitek™ Identifies: The Ten Types of Believing

Assessing Assagioli’s Egg

Discovery: the Higher Coding of DNA

Multidimensionality and Turbulence Theory

Six Journalistic Questions?

Evolving Beyond Darwin

New Philosophy for the Aquarian Age

Primal Cosmic Number Discovered

Discovery: A Fourth Dantian

New Concept: Psychosynchrony™

Psychology “Scientificated”

The NoetiTao™ of Politics

“Scientification” of Panpsychism

New View on Evolution

Paving the Way for Time Travel

Analysis: Raphael’s “The Three Graces”

Found: “The Philosopher’s Stone”

Question Matrix™ – I Ching Intersection

Theory of Everything

Da Vinci Code “Evidence” Debunked

Unlocking the Indus Valley Script

Dreidel as Symbol

Alien Abduction Assessment

The Innovation of Innovation?

Case of the Missing Tarots

Saturn Myth as Allegory

Consciousness as Substance

Space-Time Asymmetry

The Telesomagic Touch

Zeno’s Paradoxes Resolved

The “23 Enigma” Solved

Noetitek™-Vedic Confluence

Elementals Explained

Anamorphic Riddle Answered

Cosmic Conundrum Broken

Global Economic Solution

Rethink Critical Thinking

The Medium is the Meme

Reconsidering OCD… Reconsidering OCD…

The Truth about Love

Noetitek™’s Take on The Kybalion

Consensus as Anti-Science

The Six Most Dangerous Assumptions™

One Atom, Nine Dimensions!

Snapping a New Light on Popp

Inverse Psychology™

Beyond Descartes’ Secret

Bogus Research Funding: Alert

NoetiTaoism™ Answers “Impossible” Questions

Analysis: “Saturn Devouring His Son”

NoetiTaoism™ and the Human Soul

Venus de Milo Redux

Nine Stairs from Nowhere

The NoetiTao™ of Music

The Flavor of 2010

Transforming the Power of Story

Sistine Chapel Ceiling Concealing?

NoetiTao™ and the Meaning of Israel

Analysis: Dürer’s “Melancholia I”

Secret History: Knights Templar

Roswell Crash: The Mystery Metal

“Adjusting” Ouspensky

Astrology as Science

The Key to Kieślowski

Special Report: Diabetes is Curable

Konsidering Kokology

Presidential Disclosure: Alien Presence Affirmed

The Politics of Pattern Perception

NoetiTao™ and the “Fall of Man”

Analysis: Dürer’s “Adam and Eve”

Analysis: Dürer’s “Knight, Death, and the Devil”

One, Two, Déjà vu

New View “Through a Glass Darkly”

Urim and Thummin—a Psychotronic Device

The PluribusOne™ Challenge to Change

Analysis: Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut”

NoetiTao™ and the Ego

Analysis: Stanley Kubrick’s “A Clockwork Orange”

Nietzsche’s Error

PluribusOne™ as an E-Source

Analysis: Dürer’s “Emperor Charlemagne…”

The Power of Disbelief

The NoetiTao™ and Morality

NoetiTaoism™ as Cosmic Religion

Disposing of “Occam’s Razor”

“Yes” Logic


Analysis: “The Lost Symbol”

Matheological Mystery Tour


Higher Magnetism

The Last Portrait of Edmond Halley

Squaring the Circle

Specious Sphinx

Direction Correction

Double, Double Oil and Trouble

Selective Quantum Disentanglement™ (SQD)

Pareto’s Problematic Principle

Noetitek™ Issue Identifier™

Analysis: Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”

Castle Keep to Kingdom Come

Considering Kandinsky

Question Matrix II™

Organizational Development Toolbox

Analysis: Botticelli’s “Venus and Mars”

Neanderthals under the Bed?

Analysis: Leonardo’s “Mona Lisa”

How to Quit Smoking

Analysis: Botticelli’s “Adoration of the Magi”

Interspecies Communication Mode

Analysis: Gospel of Judas

A Real Dream

Analysis: Polanski’s “The Ninth Gate”

Solution at Devils Lake

Analysis: Goya’s “Courtyard with Lunatics”

Real Estate Selection Consulting

The Matter of Ephemeralization

Nothing is Simple

Quantum Exercise: Changing “Christmas Past”

The Truth about Human Nature

The Alchemy of Human Desires

Analysis: Fulcanelli’s “Le Mystère de Cathédrales”

Mystery at Bornholm Isle Solved

Assessment: Dr. Kozyrev’s Time Theory

Assessment: Dr. Leary’s “Model of Consciousness”

Drug Addiction Cure

NoetiTaoist™ View on the Ten Commandments

Biorhythmics: Neo- or Pseudo-Science?

Assessment: the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Intercultural Competence

Analysis: van Eyck’s “Arnolfini Marriage”

Dissecting the “…Midwife Toad”

Analysis: W. I. Thompson’s “Pacific Shift”

Noeti-Haiku™—a New Poetry Form

Analysis: Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus”

The Seventh Sense

Formulaic Thinking

Analysis: the Shroud of Turin

Krasakan Crop Circle Decoded

Analysis: “Manifesting Michelangelo”

PluribusOne™’s “Problem Theory”

Analysis: “The Biology of Transcendence”

Analysis: The Voynich Manuscript

Muse Meld™

New View on Rennes-le-Château

Analysis: “Fingerprints of the Gods”

Analysis: Capra’s “The Web of Life”

Vortex of Omniverse

“Paradigms Lost” and “Paradigms Regained”

Win Without Trying

Insight on Omniverse and Philip K. Dick

Quantum Query

With Schizophrenia in Mind

Analysis: Jarmusch’s “Dead Man”

The Noetitek™ System™

Codices’ Odd Odyssey

The Revolutionary NoetiRubric™

Analysis: Lynch’s “Inland Empire”

Did We Go To The Moon?

Noetitek™ Psyche-Persona-Typing™

Hawking Squawking

Nazca Lines Explained

NoetiTaoism™—Questions and Answers

Discovery Engineering

Dysfunctional “Common Sense”

Water Terracing™

Templar Secret Revealed

Cancelling Heisenberg’s Uncertainty

Erasing the “Para” in Paranormal

Bridging Objectivity and Subjectivity

Total Eclipse of Monistic Idealism

Decoding “The Manhattan Project”

Analysis: Podeswa’s “The Five Senses”

Global Economic Solution—Update

Six Degrees of Separation?

The Truth about “Cause and Effect”

Analysis of Donatello’s “David” Sparks Discovery

Squaring Philosophy with Reality

Natural Spirals and Global Economy

Our Position on Superposition

Lesson in Entelechy

Econophysics Cha-Cha-Chá

Vanishing Fingerprints as Marker?

Matrix Methodology

Space Program Secrets

Analysis: Hoagland’s “Dark Mission”

Dark Energy


Corridors of Consciousness

Analysis: Stanley Kubrick’s “Lolita”

Limits of Intelligence

Mooting the Cathar-Catholic Dichotomy


Analysis: “Donnie Darko”

Considering “Metu Neter”

Caravaggio Reappraised

Epictetus Disease

Modifying the “Law of Identity”

Analysis: Botticelli’s “La Primavera”

Tokens, Totems, and Talismans

Mind over Science

Renaissance Renegade

Redrawing Michelangelo

The Big Who

Kubrick and Apollo

Anatomy of MICE

Analysis: “Vanilla Sky” / “Open Your Eyes”

Analysis: “Total Recall” (1990)

Analysis: Government Hiring Practices

Analysis: “Paycheck”

Analysis: “A Serious Man”

Analysis: Spielberg’s “Minority Report”

Analysis: “The Man Who Wasn’t There”

Analysis: Scott’s “Blade Runner”

Fátima’s Final Secret

Scientific Studies of UFOs

Analysis: “The Exit Door Leads In”

Analysis: “The Matrix Trilogy”

Analysis: Lynch’s “Lost Highway”

Quantum Gravity Quest

Analysis: Lynch’s “Mulholland Drive”

The Chaos in “Chaos Theory”

Problem and Solution: Parking Lot Accidents

Chapel Perilous Experiences (CPEs)

Analysis: Altman’s “3 Women”

Merlin’s Dream

The Matter of Intelligence

The Mysterious Burkhard Heim

Analysis: Altman’s “Vincent & Theo”

Quantum Enigma Solved

Lost Colony of Roanoke

“La Virginea Pars” Map

The Meaning of Life

Tripartite Soul

The Color of Time

Save the Whales (From Themselves)

Analysis: Botticelli’s “Mystical Nativity”

Old Gold

Jesus Christ—Humanist

The Saint-Crucian Connection

Picking-up Piltdown

Analysis: “The Da Vinci Code”

Taiji of NoetiTao™

Analysis: “Slipstream”—the Film

Predictive Power of Noetitek™

RAW “Maybe Logic”

Genesis 101

Analysis: Leonardo’s “St. Jerome”

Noetitek House Art™

The Da Vinci Commode

Analysis: “The Big Lebowski”

Will Time Stop?

Buddhism in Light of NoetiTaoism™

Analysis: “Blood Simple”

Four Fundamentals

Analysis: “Burn after Reading”

Sex and Chevrons

Analysis: the Nolans’ “Memento”

“Who Ordered That?”

Edgar Cayce and NoetiTaoism™

Analysis: Ferguson’s “Inside Job”

Reverse Time Travel

Inverting Velikovsky

Analysis: “The Human Stain” (movie)

Artist Analysis: Jean-Michel Basquiat

Revealing the Revelation of St. John

Analysis: Joseph Smith’s “Jupiter Talisman”

Reptiles Rule and Humans Drool?

Invisible Colors

Analysis: “The Men Who Stare at Goats”

T. S. Eliot and the Illuminati

Analysis: “The Station Agent”

Sentenced to Senescence?

Mysteries of Omniverse—Part I

Mysteries of Omniverse—Part II

Analysis: The “Black Dahlia” Case—Part I

Analysis: The “Black Dahlia” Case—Part II

Analysis: “Curb Your Enthusiasm”

The Murder of JFK—Part I

The Murder of JFK—Part II

Was President Harding Murdered?—Part I

Was President Harding Murdered?—Part II

Analysis: Joseph Smith’s Ring

Transhuman Nature

Analysis: The Great Serpent Mound

Analysis: Dürer’s “Madonna with the Monkey”

Ancient Aliens

Vision: Financial Services Assistance Centers

Analysis: Dürer’s “Holy Family with Three Hares”

Analysis: The “Cat Haven” Lion Attack

Analysis: the Coens’ “No Country for Old Men”

Why Does the World Exist?

Analysis: “The Sociopath Next Door”

Analysis: the Campions’ “Holy Smoke!”

Colorization of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Eudaimonia Rex

Analysis: Paltrow’s “The Good Night”

Solfeggio Frequencies

Analysis: Carney’s “Once”

Analysis: “Our Occulted History”

Analysis: “Solaris”

Analysis: “The Red Queen

Analysis: “Cosmopolis”

Lindbergh Kidnapping Revisited—Part I

Lindbergh Kidnapping Revisited—Part II

Lindbergh Kidnapping Revisited—Part III

The Emperor’s New Brain

Analysis: Blatty’s “The Ninth Configuration”

What is Noetitek™?

The Secret of “the Cube”

Analysis: “Aliens in the Skies”

The Problem with *U*

Secret Saucer War?

What Sex is Saturn?

Source and Truth of Myth

Lost Continent Found

Inspiration versus Motivation

Analysis: Kubrick’s “The Shining”

Why Flowering Plants?

Analysis: Proyas’ “Dark City”

Solomon’s Imperfect Temple—Part I

Solomon’s Imperfect Temple—Part II

Mysteries of Omniverse—Part III

The Structure of Consciousness

More about Noetitek Art™

Artist Analysis: Jackson Pollock

Unlocking the Star of David

Clarifying Cleromancy

A Prescription for Rebellion

Magical Omniverse—Part I

Magical Omniverse—Part II

Magical Omniverse—Part III

Magical Omniverse—Part IV

Magical Omniverse—Part V

Unbind Prometheus

Analysis: Frank Lloyd Wright

Aspects of Mind

The Higher Self

The Key to David Lynch—Part I

The Key to David Lynch—Part II

Near-Death Experiences

Analysis: Botticelli’s “Chart of Hell”

Analysis: Scott’s “Prometheus”—Part I

Analysis: Scott’s “Prometheus”—Part II

Analysis: “And Death Shall Have No Dominion”

Setting Science Free

Determinism versus Free Will

Beyond the Purple Shore

In Re Magi

Decentering Biocentrism

The Blue Rose Within

Hawking’s Horizon

The PluribusOne™ “Disclosure Project”

Analysis: “Cloud Atlas”

Why People Join Anything

Desert Wisdom

Coupling “David” and the “Dancing Girl”

Sidestepping Barriers to Global Unity

NoetiTaoist™ Philosophy Primer—Part I

Blood Moon Junction

Analysis: “The 11th Hour”

Analysis: “The Law of Agreement” (book)

Cardinal Grand Cross

Analysis: “Saucers, Swastikas, and Psyops” (book)

Human Enhancement

Corrupt Courts—Part I

Analysis: “The City of Lost Children”

Grail, Rose, and Cross

Power to Heal

Renaissance Philosophy

The New Renaissance

New Renaissance Cornerstone

The Naikan Truth

Placebo Power

Analysis: “Inside Llewyn Davis”

Artificial Intelligence

Pentatonic Energizing

NoetiTaoism™ and Healing

Color Healing

Practical Transcendence

NoetiTaoism™ and Free Will

Editing Ecclesiastes 1

Flying Saucer Drive-by

Barefoot Kate

Great Pyramid of Ennead

“Lost Tomb of Jesus” Symbol

Analysis: Botticelli’s “Madonna del Magnificat”

Analysis: Leonardo’s “Virgin of the Rocks”

Analysis: Dürer’s “The Last Supper”

Analysis: Dürer’s “The Four Riders of the Apocalypse”

Gnosticism vis-à-vis NoetiTaoism™

Synchronicity in NoetiTaoism™

PluribusOne™ Annual Blog Report

The Great Language

Exodus Interruptus

Analysis: Robert Salas’ “Unidentified”

Analysis: Laszlo’s “The Immortal Mind”

Cave Painting Puzzle Assembled

Van Gogh–Occult Artist?

Rare Solar Eclipse

Secret of Success

The Structure of Nothingness

Bloodline Secrets

Bishop Pike and the Jesus Mystery

The Matter of Consciousness

Multidimensional Mind

Speaking of Dimensions—Part I

Philly Amtrak Derailment

The UFO Rabbit-Hole

Decoding the Bible

Secrets of Enoch

Analysis: Flight 370 Mystery

Enigma at Golgotha

Primary Color

Raphael’s “The Three Graces” Decoded

Analysis: Willy Ley on UFOs

Analysis: Joseph Smith’s Seer Stone

Analysis: “Mystery of the Shemitah”

NoetiTaoist™ Philosophy Primer—Part II

NoetiTao™ and the Sermon on the Mount

PluribusOne™ Annual Blog Report

The Road Next Traveled

Visions of Omniverse

Gravitational Waves Detected

Ado about Archetypes

Stress-Free Synchronicity

Neville vs. Noetitek™—Part I

Neville vs. Noetitek™—Part II

Mystery of the Liahona

PluribusOne™’s “Law of Congruities”

NoetiTaoist™ Philosophy Primer—Part III

NoetiTaoist™ Philosophy Primer—Part IV

NoetiTaoist™ Philosophy Primer—Part V

NoetiTaoist™ Philosophy Primer—Part VI

NoetiTaoist™ Philosophy Primer—Part VII

NoetiTaoist™ Philosophy Primer—Part VIII

NoetiTaoist™ Philosophy Primer—Part IX

NoetiTaoist™ Philosophy Primer—Part X

PluribusOne™’s “Experiencer Paradox”

PluribusOne™ Annual Blog Report for 2016

The Structure of Nothingness II

John Lennon and NoetiTao™

Financial Alchemy

Mishpatim of Zohar

NoetiTaoism™ and Afterlife

Coded X-Rune Mystery Solved

A Meta-Shift Anniversary

The Cube of Space-Time-Mind™

Exploring The Cube of Space-Time-Mind™

Secret Society Synchronicity

Analysis: Vermeer’s “Woman Holding a Balance”

Analysis: Leonardo’s “Salvator Mundi”

Assessing “The Polysolver”

PluribusOne™ Annual Blog Report for 2017

Deep Water

Deep Water II

Deep Water III

Deep Water IV

Deep Water V

Deep Water VI

Victory of the Soul

Deep Water VII

On Fire

PluribusOne™ Annual Blog Report for 2018

Analysis: Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction”


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