Sex and Chevrons

In an earlier post titled “Analysis: Fulcanelli’s Le Mystère de Cathédrales,” we briefly discussed the chevron shapes formed by ribbed vault rafters and used elsewhere in Gothic cathedrals. In its most essential symbolic value, we see the chevron, or cheveron, as a symbol of unlimited potential, a symbol of the joining, containing, harmonizing, and endless distribution of the most primal forces of Omniverse. Now, at the request of a visitor to our blog, we will explain more about the V-shaped symbol. 

A chevron can be a V-shape pointed downward or it can be inverted and point skyward. Pointed down it is a symbol for the Divine Feminine, the Great Goddess, the Magna Mater, for the vagina, and for the pubis in general; pointed up it is a phallic symbol, a symbol for the Divine Masculine—Osiris, Zeus, and so on. An upward-pointed chevron with a circle underneath forms a most ancient version of the Egyptian “Eye of Horus” and the “All-Seeing Eye” associated with Freemasonry. Chevrons also appear on insignia of soldiers and law enforcers, on coats of arms, and as part of many corporate logos. 

We have reason to believe that the Eye of Horus and All-Seeing Eye originated with the oracular visions experienced by ancient priests and priestesses. The Eye may have taken form as their “mind’s eye” just before the image of something happening at great distance or in the near future was revealed to them. A V-shape with a circle above it makes a perfect symbol for the Third Eye of Eastern belief systems—the invisible inner eye that has come to be connected with the pineal gland and “spirit molecule.” 

Pointed downward, the chevron is associated with Venus and with Isis, Ishtar, and other female goddess figures, including the Virgin Mary. Pointed upward, the chevron is associated with Mars and all gods of war. When shown intersecting one another, the symbolic meaning is the joining of man and woman, the blending of female and male life energies (androgynously or heterosexually). The Masonic set-square and compass icon represents such intersection, said by some initiates to symbolize the combining of boundaries and morality—body and spirit, politics and religion—instruments of the Great Architect of the Universe. 

As a sacred symbol for god-force, the chevron has been in use for thousands of years. In ancient times birds were seen as emissaries of the Divine Source, by way of the Bird Goddess. The V-shape is prominently manifested in the beak, feet, and wingspread of a bird. The Snake Goddess may similarly have her origin in the V-shaped patterns formed by serpents in motion. Multiple V-shapes form wave patterns, such as those seen on the surface of the seas. The basic wave pattern is reflected in the first letter of the words “mare,” and Mary. We note that Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene present two capitalized M’s each. “M” has also been used as a symbol for female breasts, and for the relationship between spiritually famished humans and the feminine aspect of Divinity. 

In the geometry of the ongoing Creational process, the tetrahedron expresses the essential nature of the basic building block. As Buckminster Fuller noted, in our paraphrasing: Everything in the three-dimensions of tangible reality is held together by tetrahedral bonds. But, we say, the symbolic shape of this bonding is not a closed four-sided “block,” as usually pondered, but an open-ended tetrahedron having three coterminous sides and one implicit side, like an open-ended cone but with edges. This conceptual figure displays three sides of matching formative quality, six edges, and nine chevrons. What this figure represents is not the ordinary set of characteristics of a solid object. This figure represents dimensions, six of which lie beyond the familiar three.

[For more about the V-shape used in secret society symbolism, see the June, 2014 post: “Coded X-Rune Mystery Solved.”]


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2 Responses to “Sex and Chevrons”

  1. PluribusOne™ Says:

    “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6, and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.”

    ―Nikola Tesla

  2. PluribusOne™ Says:

    See also our October, 2014 post: “Lost Tomb of Jesus” Symbol.

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