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D. Alan Eastwood

The Noetitek™ intelligence augmentation (IA) system―an exciting new technology that supports achievement of any objective―shares its genesis with the new science of Enhanced Human Perception™ (EHP), cornerstone for an emerging paradigm.1 Its use is overturning previously accepted ways of understanding and doing things, taking down barriers to progress in every field of human endeavor.

Our original websites and provide an abbreviated overview of our services and of the Noetitek™ system. This blog was created to enable us to say more about the system, discuss initiatives and activities, and share in-depth information about breakthroughs occurring through its use. 

Since its deployment as the nucleus of a general consulting service, the Noetitek™ system, a one-of-a-kind meta-toolset and artful process that includes new transpersonal techniques, has found a wide range of applications. It is making valuable contributions to helping achieve revolutionary breakthroughs that can change the world as well as guide the formulation of solutions to very specific problems.

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1As defined by MIT professor Thomas A. Kuhn in his landmark book, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions.


P.S., The text of our first-contact letter is posted below to serve as an extended overview:

Introducing PluribusOne™ Consulting 

My name is Alan Eastwood and I am founder and operator of PluribusOne™ Consulting, LLC, incorporated in the State of New York in 2006. 

Numerous large and small consulting firms offer valuable commonplace advisory services to business owners and managers. In addition, some consultants are geared to provide special “best practice” advice unique to a particular industry. If you do business with such firms, I am not suggesting that you terminate those relationships. PluribusOne™ is not in competition with them. In fact, using our services can make such relationships more satisfying and productive. 

However, only PluribusOne™ Consulting can offer the Noetitek™ intelligence augmentation system for solving problems, generating ideas, and identifying opportunities of all kinds and in every venue. The genesis of Noetitek™ dates back to my childhood and represents thousands of hours of research, development, and varied application over the past twenty years.

Unlike other consultants, as a philosopher-consultant I am happy to work with individuals and small businesses as well as large companies, nonprofit corporations, and government agencies. You don’t need to disclose how many people you employ or what your sales volume was last year, and I will not ask you to open your books or reveal trade secrets or aspects of your operation or life that you consider private. However, I do require that the result you seek have a value to you of at least one million dollars.

Our purpose is to use the proprietary Noetitek™ technology to help you achieve a higher level of professional success and personal satisfaction. All services are tailored and the fee is value-based. 

Here’s what we have in our cabinet of Noetitek™ perception-enhancing instruments: 

  • The Master Noetitek™ System™
  • The Nine Keys to Survival and Success™
  • Matrix Questioning™
  • Matrix of Essential Questions™
  • Question Matrix II™
  • Noetitek™ Method for Determining Truth™
  • Expanded Thinking™
  • The A-Point Process™
  • Organizational Development Toolbox™
  • Quiktools™
  • Issue Identifier™
  • Muse Meld™
  • Noetitek Plus™
  • The Intersectional Pyramid™
  • The Six Most Dangerous Assumptions™
  • Tetradic Study Guide™
  • The Hexadic Cube™
  • Noetitek Next-Action™
  • Nine-Step Plus™
  • The Six Plagues to Progress™
  • Nine Certainties™
  • Critical Effect Relationships™
  • Strategic Scouting™ 
  • Selective Quantum Disentanglement™ 
  • The NoetiRubric™
  • Colorized Personality Typing™ 

That’s the basic list of our unique tools, which are applied through our use of various ancillary processes and proprietary techniques. For more information about each of the above-listed tools, please use the “search this site” feature.

If efficacy of the above seems too good to be true, we invite you to examine our hundreds of non-confidential public service applications of Noetitek™ technology, posted in twenty-four subject categories to serve as demonstrations.